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Martha Leishman

Based in the centre of Glasgow and able to work across the United Kingdom, Martha Leishman is a corporate coach who enables clients to fulfil their potential with confidence and creativity. In addition, she coaches executive public speakers. Coaching to Perform With her company, Drama at Work, she brings theatre and drama into organisations, designing creative training using drama for development and learning programmes. 

Coaching at Work

Martha Leishman’s corporate coaching clients include investors, senior managers and project executives with whom she works creatively to grow their personal performance, enhance their impact within their organisations, and to coach them through change. Corporate coaching, performance coaching and coaching for change, can take place both face- to-face and over the phone.

Coaching to Perform

Coaching to perform for executive speakers builds on the inherent ability of seasoned and first time public speakers to influence with confidence whilst presenting at interview, pitching to prospective clients or communicating in their day-to-day dealings.  Martha Leishman has coached a variety of executive speakers and media celebrities who require a discreet, professional and trusted service to enable confident communication.

Drama at Work

Drama at work has a successful track record supplying theatre and drama for role-play and creative training for businesses and corporate clients.  Our actors are experts at recreating authentic behaviours, encouraging people to engage creatively and to work with fresh insight on their interpersonal relationships at work.   Drama at Work uses a facilitative coaching style for maximum performance and interaction.

Partnership Working

Our actors have brought their creative skills to play in the financial, legal, oil and construction businesses; with GPs and their practice teams; in schools with pupils and teachers and with the media and artistic communities. Drama at Work is currently using theatre and drama skills with our partners in financial services; for development and assessment centres in the oil industry; and for judicial training. 

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